Poker Is NOT a Game of Chance

Poker Is NOT a Game of Chance

Has the game of poker been around for only one century or it has been in existence for hundreds of centuries? It is hard to say for sure but one thing is certain and that is that poker has been around for a lot longer than you could possibly imagine. In fact, it has had a rough ride over the centuries and women certainly don’t seem to have been the most patient or the least bit interested in it.

The game of poker has certainly been a part of a number of cultures and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to say that the game of poker with its various forms and the various ways in which it can be played have been around for as long as any other game of cards or even the old pastime of smoking. Before poker, kings and soldiers would quite often engage in what we would call now card games. Smoking, betting and bluffing used to be associated with these games because they were what they were, games of chance.

But poker changed all of that and now what was once a game associated with shady characters and criminals was now associated with a whole new generation of celebrities and the rich and the famous. Because of the internet and the growth in the popularity of the hi-tech life, poker has become a beloved pastime which includes not only playing poker but a whole host of activities centred around the game of poker.

The game of DewaGG has taken the world by storm and in particular, the United States of America has come to love a certain card game called poker. To date, there are an estimated sixty to seventy million Americans who are, at least according to some studies, crazy for poker. Of course, poker is many things, but mostly it is a game of luck and therefore many people over the world have taken up the game of poker, often inventing their own versions of the game.

But poker is also a game that requires a certain amount of skill and strategy, and because of the vast amount of historical data on poker players, some of the data has been very useful in answering questions such as:

  • How often does a player win when he or she has a particular hand?
  • What is the most difficult hand to be dealt?
  • How old is the world’s best poker player?
  • Are there any professional poker players in the United States?
  • How many people play poker in Las Vegas?
  • How many people play poker in Monte Carlo?
  • Are there any at Monaco?
  • Don’t bid at all unless you have a definite hand

Some of the historical data can be very helpful and will definitely help you when you are thinking of buying a poker chip set. But, what also stems from the data is new data, and this is very exciting!

In the event you have a historic data, you will be able to create your own queries to find historical data for any given poker chip event. With the advanced processing and analyse software, you will be able to model the entire event in your own way. This will be a great help during your poker game because you will be able to gain some valuable information about your opponents, which will be helpful during tournaments. Some of the most historical data you can get includes:

  • The Hold*em Poker player statistics
  • The win rate stats for the different players at the table
  • The number of games out of 20 started
  • The number of games won during a certain game
  • The highest number of wins without an ante
  • The lowest number of games without an ante
  • The highest number of wins with an ante
  • The lowest numbers of wins with an ante
  • The total profit
  • The market for the buy in
  • Total value of the buy in
  • Average equity of the buy in

As you can see, this data is of great help during the buy in and offline as well as online poker games. This is also considered informative and it will help you in your future poker starts. Have fun and good luck!