How to Know If You Should Go Deep Or Wide When Selecting Niches to Market

How to Know If You Should Go Deep Or Wide When Selecting Niches to Market?

There are many more articles written on this topic than I have space to write in this article. I’ll summarize the key points. Of course your own experience may be different, but hopefully it will give you an understanding of the various aspects.

One thing I’m sure everybody will agree on: When it comes to eBay, success with any niche is going to mean finding a long tail niche rather than a short term, profitable niche.

There are some niches that will be a “pokerlounge99” match and won’t be as easy to find as others. That’s just how the marketplace works. In general, if you find a hungry crowd looking for a particular item then the niche you’ve chosen is going to be a “niche” rather than a “brochure type, multi dollar product”. The people on eBay have done the research for you and won’t pay you for it.

For example: Someone with a hobby such as quilting, undertake the niche research and discover a way to write an e-book on quilting to teach the average quilter how to make lovelightsaying patterns. The average bidding price for this e-book will be ten dollars or perhaps no more than five dollars. That’s not so much like a $300 book that sells for $20 a book!

A solid e-book of about twenty five to fifty pages can usually attract five dollars or more for a single download. Now consider that to get a thousand downloads of the same e-book the bidding price will be less than five dollars. So now you’re looking at a niche you possibly can profit from for under five dollars. Or, you can turn off your computer and today go out and find five hundred new customers! Right?

Well, not always! LovelightsLM is only one product in the theme of quilting. There are many other “how to” e-books in there category. By this I mean an e-book that you can buy and download immediately to give you access to a set of instructions that teaches you how to construct a quilt you’ve made and how to make it look so.

Each time you download a new instruction book you are purchasing a new niche and more in demand information products for the upcoming customers. Is there anything I could say about that? Not really. There are lots of these things on eBay and a different product for every niche. As I said, it’s how eBay works. However, it’s that this model works well for some niches and not so well for others.

E-books can be turned into your own products or you can resell them as e-mail newsletters or e-zines. To be successful with this technique you must first have an established product or service you can promote. Look to find a niche that can be marketed in the long term and not the short term. Does that make sense?

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  • a big, over-sized book
  • the e-Book is big, about 10K
  • the author tells you how to go after an over-sized book, as mentioned above
  • the author works in a particular niche (niche websites for example)
  • the niche website (“playground toys” for example) sells e-books to short term customers
  • the niche website (“pets” for example) sells e-books to long term customers
  • the author sells a product that can be used in many ways other than e-books
  • the author needs customers to be able to charge high prices
  • the same product presented in a PDF file you can read with a PDF viewer.
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  • Another Appealing Product
  • Enough to give you the email addresses of potential customers
  • Go to eBay and look for niche e-books and see how many categories there are and what niches there are.
  • Go to Google and search for all the keywords in your niche e-book e-book or e-book
  • Import the search terms into Word tracker to see how many searches there are for the keywords in there niche e-book e-book
  • Go to eBay and search on the items related to your niche e-book e-book. Ex. bullets, etc
  • Go to Google and search for many of the keywords you found on eBay that that completed their searches that matches the information from your e-Book e-book
  • Import the results into Google again and you’ll get a list of websites that sell items related to your e-book e-book. Ex.illy BB bullets for T-shirts
  • Come up with what are the bookmarking sites people are using and who those people are.