Blackjack System - Winning on Bet and Play

Blackjack System – Winning on Bet and Play

For the Blackjack game, there is no such thing as a card counting or card counting systems. With the evolution to the blackjack system, both old and new are brought into play. Some say that the card counting systems were eliminated to improve the betting odds for the players. Counting cards eliminate the possibility of the cards being dealt from the shoe having the same value.

Betting systems have also evolved in this game. Early versions of the blackjack betting systems can be found in the basic books on blackjack. These simple systems don’t have a specific dollar value in terms of how much the bet is. To a larger extent, the values of the bet are in proportion to the size of the initial bet when the system is in use.

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The key to winning a game is not how much we bet but how little we bet. If you bet too much and are hesitant to reduce the amount of your bet, which results in stress, greed and anger stage, you are bound to lose. When you are learning the blackjack game it is advisable to bet the table minimum. With the help of the blackjack system, you need not put up a great deal of the initial payment on the table.

Play completely with the house not with other players.

The house is benefited by having players on the table so that they earn a considerable amount of money that they cannot afford to give each time without a win. If you are beating the house, you are not cheating the casino, unless you count the cards as they are being dealt.

Counting the cards to know if the cards have the same value is cheating. Usually, a smart Blackjack player will be able to spot theusted by the card counting system information and will know when to bet more fully and when to shorten the game to minimize the risk of losing money.

Most casino offered such systems as card counting and the unbalanced odd theory, when they recognize the need to attract more customers and/or ideas from the players.

Types of cards that are harder to beat are the cards with the picture as background or word images on. Of course, the game with the image on the background is harder to beat than the ones with random picture. Then, they add “Hythmical” or “anchored” cards with low value numbers (1-11).

You need to know the history of the value of the cards in your hand. With this, you can tell if the value of the cards will go higher or lower, and this is the basis of the blackjack strategy.

In the game of blackjack, if you know the cards of the value of 12 to 16, throw away the low cards to gain an advantage on the 12 to 16 value cards or the low cards for you.

  • Know the card counting or the blackjack basic strategy if you want to beat the blackjack dealer. You can always use the matrix or a card counting system to know the cards in your hand.
  • Know the number of decks of cards the blackjack dealer uses during the game. You can also determine your probability advantage. When you know that, you will know when to decrease your bet or increase it fully when you sense it is right.

So, use these strategies and be a winner of the blackjack game. Learn it carefully since the strategies are all you need to win.