10 Tips to Protect Your Vegas Vacation

If you are 21 or older and plan on spending a lot of money during your Vegas trip, you may want to keep money protected. Here are some Vegas travel tips to follow to protect your finances.

  1. Don’t take a credit card with you. The casinos will try to steal your credit card information any way they can. Instead, use a different card for each visit you make to the casino.
  2. Don’t give out your credit card number to anyone. If you know someone who has had problems using a credit card, contact that person before you go to the casino.
  3. Take a look at the terms and conditions of all of your credit cards before signing up to use them. Most of them have special rules that may affect your ability to use your card at the casino. Read the terms and conditions carefully before you sign up to use a credit card.
  4. Don’t use a credit card with cash advance capabilities. Some credit cards temporarily offer the ability to add funds to your account when you see your monthly payment amount. However, many credit cards have a ATM function that will money you from any ATM at the domino88, not just your card.
  5. Be sure that your ATM cards have been prepaid for your Vegas trip. Many Las Vegas casinos operate a prepaid ATM program. You should probably go with a card reader that allows you to use your credit card with the card reader prepaid. This will keep your spending under control and save you from spending more money than you should.
  6. Don’t spend more money on drinks and food than you should. If you drinks cost more than it should, you should cash out your winnings before leaving the casino. Going to the casino to drink in addition to gambling will certainly cause you to lose more money than you can afford to lose.
  7. Leave your credit cards at home, take your ATM cards and credit cards with you, and remember to take money out of your wallet before walking away from the casino.
  8. If you’re losing at the tables, especially in games such as craps, baccarat or other games that have true even odds, take a break and wait for fewer hands or less people at the tables.
  9. Buy a hotel room or spending money at a different casino if you’re losing. Spending the night at a casino or different hotel can cause you to have a less than desirable gambling experience.
  10. Travel with winnings. Save your winnings. Don’t travel with debt. When you win, treat your winnings as a bonus. This will encourage you to keep gambling and may result in you spending more time gambling in the future.

These tips may seem limiting, but if you follow them, you will undoubtedly have a much better Vegas trip than the one you had planned. You can get a more out of your trip by following these tips, and if you follow them without them, you will be on your way to a much more enjoyable and hopefully profitable trip.